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How to Login

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

To begin using Sagacity with Actionstep, you will first need to authenticate. This is a multi-step process the first time you login, or if you have previously clicked “Log out” in Sagacity.

1.) Navigate to in your web browser and click the “Log In” option at the top-right of the navigation menu:

2.) From there, Sagacity will determine your geographical region and direct you to our server in that region, then present you with an option to sign-in:

3.) After clicking “Sign-in”, you will then be redirected to an Actionstep gateway, asking you to sign into your account. Enter your Actionstep email and password, just like you normally would when logging into Actionstep, and click “Sign in”:

4.) If you have MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) enabled for your Actionstep account, you will next be asked to enter a valid MFA code from whichever MFA application you are using. Enter a valid MFA code, then click “Confirm”. NOTE: If you are not using Multi-Factor Authentication, please skip this step.

5.) You will then be prompted to grant access to the “Sageness – Legal Technology” (Sagacity) application. Click “Grant access” to connect Sagacity to your Actionstep system:

6.) That’s it, you’re logged-in! From there, you should be taken to the Sagacity home/Forms screen where you can carry out all Sagacity functions for your organization.

PRO TIP: As long as you stay logged-in to Sagacity (meaning you don’t click Settings > Logout or clear your browser’s cookies), you can create a bookmark which points to and use that to quickly access Sagacity in your web browser!

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